Manchester Beetham Tower

Completed in 2006 at a cost of £150 million, the Beetham Tower in Manchester, is the highest building in Manchester, the tallest residential building in Europe and the 7th tallest building in England with over 525,000 square feet of space. The Beetham Tower is 168.87 metres high, has a total of 47 floors and is home to the Manchester Hilton Hotel, 219 luxury apartments and 16 penthouses.

The Beetham Tower has received a number of awards for it’s striking design and architecture. In 2008, the Beetham Tower in Manchester was awarded Project of the Year and Design and Construction Award in the RICS North West Awards. In 2007, the Beetham Tower was awarded Best Building by the Concrete Society Awards, Best Tall Building by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats and Project of the Year in North West Regional Construction Awards.

Beethamtower 15


Designed by Ian Simpson

The Beetham Tower was designed by Ian Simpson of the Beetham Organisation. Ian Simpson has designed a number of famous sky scrappers including the Urbis in Manchester and the Beetham Towers in Birmingham and London. Ian Simpson actually lives in the top floor penthouse which cost him £3m and occupies the the two top floors of the building. His Penthouse includes 21 trees which were shipped from Italy and put in the building before the roof was built.

Hilton Tower

Locals call the Beetham Tower the ‘Hilton Tower’ because of the Hilton logo which is on each side of the 24th floor of the Tower. The 285 bedroom Hilton hotel occupies the first 23 floors of the tower, and is reputed to be the hotel with the best view in all of Manchester.

Address and postcode

The address of the Beetham Tower is: Beetham Tower, 301 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ. Postcodes for apartments are dependent on which floor the apartment is on:

  • Floors 25-31 – M3 4LT
  • Floors 32-38 – M3 4LU
  • Floors 39-47 – M3 4LX