Rent an apartment in the Beetham Tower

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The Beetham Tower in Manchester offers a grand lifestyle for those interested in living in comfort. You can rent an apartment (1 bedroom studio, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom or penthouse) here that will be amid the highest standards in the world. The apartments in the Beetham Tower have all that you could possibly want…

The Beetham Tower in Manchester has a total of 219 luxury apartments and 16 luxury penthouses. Needless to say that renting one of these will be a treat for you and your family, as there is no classier place to live than the Beetham Tower in Manchester.

Rent an apartment in the Beetham TowerApartments to rent

The apartments available for rent in the Beetham Tower are either 1, 2 or 3 bedroom flats and penthouses. The layouts of these apartments vary widely and there are at least 7 different layouts available. An interesting and artistic feature in all of these apartments is the floor-to-ceiling glass wall that allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

Within the Beetham Tower there are furnished and non-furnished apartments available for rent. One advantage of the furnished apartments is that people moving in from abroad can do so with ease.

Penthouses to rent

There are 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom penthouses available within the Beetham Tower. All the penthouses are on the 42nd to 46th floors. Evidently these penthouses benfit from the the best views from the Beetham Tower because of the height of the apartments. These penthouses have features such as CCTV surveillance and lighting control, which makes them splendid and safe living spaces.

Renting in the Beetham Tower is a dream come true…

Life in the apartments at the Beetham Tower in Manchester is an absolute luxury.We are confident you will find living in the Beetham Tower to be a thrill.