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The Manchester Beetham Tower is undoubtedly among the most unique buildings built in Manchester. Unlike any other residential building in Manchester, everyone notices it simpy because it is 171m high!

The actual location of the Beetham Tower is intself a key attraction. It is located at the junction of Deansgate, Great Bridgewater Street and Liverpool Road. This £150 million development stands in the heart of Manchester city centre, making it something hard to miss. This fact, coupled by its appearance makes it something completely out of the ordinary, and a matter of pride and joy for the business community in Manchester.

Buy apartment in the Beetham TowerApartments to buy in the Beetham Tower

It goes without saying that the apartments here are simply top-of-the-line ones. Life is truly comfortable here and buying an apartment in the Beetham Tower is a true investment.

There are a variety of apartments available: from 1 bedroom studios all the way up to 3 bedroom luxury penthouse apartments. Along with there being a choice of size of apartments, you can also choose whether you would like a furnished or non-furnished apartment and similarly whether you would like it serviced or non-serviced. One thing that is the same with all these apartments is that they benefit from breathtaking views from around the North West.

Penthouses to buy in the Beetham Tower

The penthouse apartments currently on the market are all from the 42nd floor and above. As there are only 16 penthouse apartments in the whole Beetham Tower, the penthouses are in great demand. There are a variety of 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses available, you can see the layout of these apartments here.

With the breathtaking views and all the services offered here at the Manchester Beetham Tower, one can make a brilliant investment when purchasing an apartment here. Alternatively, staying at a hotel room here will be a delightful experience.