Ian Simpson supports congestion charges

In Greater Manchester there is debate going on at present as to whether congestion charges should be brought in.

Those in favour of the congestion charges argue they will reduce pollution, help pay for expanding the tram system and increase the number of bus and train services. Those against the congestion charges say that congestion charges are not the solution and are furious that the council want to create the largest congestion charging zone in the world in Manchester.

Ian SimpsonIt was announced yesterday in the Manchester Evening News that the designer of the Beetham Tower, Ian Simpson has officially put his weight behind the plans for introducing the charges.

Ian Simpson is part of the business group supporting the ‘Yes Campaign’ in Manchester which is called United City. United City has 161 members which includes property developers, lawyers, and hoteliers.

You can learn more about the congestion charges in Manchester on this FAQ article on the BBC’s Manchester congestion charges webpage.